Posted Wednesday, January 6, 2010 by Sarita Chajed
This is one of my favorites.
A  wall hanging to hold all Ur key chains.The base is a 1/4 inch card board and the design on it is made out of bread.
Don't believe it???Well...U Hv 2...


  1. Divakar

    Great work. I did not believe it. Is it really bread ? Hmmm.. Good

  1. soumya

    wonderful articraft!!!!

  1. Pushkaraj

    Good creativity

  1. ayeshwarya

    r works are awesome. no words to say it. everything is a masterpiece

  1. maali

    Hi Dear Nice Work Superb Keychain holder

  1. vishal

    creativity at its best, come n buy a house in Mumbai da, i wanna see these all

  1. saheli

    Nice useful creativity

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