Quilled Photo Frames

Posted Monday, August 9, 2010 by Sarita Chajed
Quilling done on glass photo frames - FOR SALE 


  1. vishal

    tell me smthin, how do u explain quilled?

  1. vishal

    u ve tremendous amt of patience i feel, b coz u need tht to make these wonderful pieces of craftsmanship or shud i say craftswomanship ;)

  1. Santhosh Guru

    Hi..tne works are nice.May i know the cost of the photo frame?


    hi santosh...
    thanks for ur comment
    the cost varies from 100-500 depending on d size of the frame n the amount work done on it...

  1. Anonymous

    hi sarita how r u
    deepa here long time u called???
    any gud news wat r u upto these days/

  1. Anonymous

    hey wher are the photos? and do you do tutorials for how to make the qullings for the frames?

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