Posted Tuesday, June 29, 2010 by Sarita Chajed
Its wedding season and we have a custom of sending gifts to the Groom-to-be from the Bride's side on the day of HALDI...All these gifts are packed in a different n unique way n are displayed at the Groom's place for all their family n relatives to see...We usually send clothes, shagun, show pieces, cosmetics, etc... Here are some of the gifts packed for the groom.

These are some cosmetics for the Groom. I have used plain white thermocol sheets...painted them with acrylic pearl colours... I have also painted some random spirals over them to give a patterned look to the sheets.

 These are some of the SHAGUN items, we send along with the gifts.


This is called a KHOL. The basket contains dry fruits, chocolates n some cash. Its an ordinary bamboo basket wrapped wid a bandhej cloth...The flower is hand-made on a flowerloom with gold n silver tapes.You can also find the rupee bill folded into a heart shape.

You can have a clear look at the flower here

This is shagun ka GUD, NARIYAL AND MISHRI


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